A Fast & Easy Way to Clean Vintage Copper

One of my favorite items I use to decorate in the Fall is vintage copper! Sometimes I leave copper with it's aged patina and sometimes it needs to be cleaned. When I need to clean copper, but I don't have any cleaner on hand there is one item that I can use that I always have on hand in my kitchen! 
Ketchup! That's right! You heard me right! In a pinch, I use ketchup to clean vintage copper!
This method does take a little bit more time than a commercial chemical cleaner, but it is still very effective in getting the job done! 

1.) Apply a generous amount of ketchup over the entire copper item. 
2.) Let the item sit for 30 mins. to an hour with the applied ketchup.
3.) Rinse and wash off the ketchup.
4.) Repeat if needed.
This method is pretty much foolproof and shines your vintage copper right up!


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