Seven Way to Create a Cozy Fall Ambiance in Your Cottage Home

The season of Autumn is my most favorite here in Michigan. I love it for so many reasons! I love that after a busy Summer,  Autumn signals us to slow down as Winter approaches. It is the season that prepares us for going inward.

As we spend more time at home I love to embrace the whole cozy ambiance of the season. These are a handful of the things I do in our home to add to the cozy ambiance of Autumn.


1.) Light candles everyday

The days get shorter and shorter as Autumn progresses so I love to light candle throughout the house everyday. The glow of a candle adds the most perfect cozy ambiance!

2.) Bring out the blankets

Not only do blankets add a cozy texture to my home décor they are also a necessity as the days get colder. This time of year I almost always have a blanket draped over my legs whenever I sit down to relax.

3.) Create a Fall Simmer Pot

Smell is everything to me and I love to add a spicy cinnamon fragrance throughout our home in the Fall. A spicy simmer pot is a perfect solution for this!

4.) Decorate with the colors of the season

Some of my most favorite colors are the colors of Autumn! The vibrant golden yellows, rich reds and warm oranges mirror the colors we see outside as the leaves change for the season. I love using those colors in my home each year in the Fall. I also love to bring out my copper, brown ironstone transferware, and wood utensil collections.


5.) Create warm hearty meals

All summer long we grill our dinners on our deck so once it starts getting colder we switch to cooking inside more. I love to make heartier meals this time of year. I add stews, soups and casseroles to our weekly meal rotation to give us warmer meal options.

6.) Add a wood fire to your fireplace

We have a wood fireplace downstairs and I love the warm ambiance it provides. There is nothing better than sitting around a fire on a cold night.

7.) Bake delicious treats

I love to add additional warmth to our home by baking treats this time of year. Not only does my family appreciate the treat, but the warmth of the oven & the smell of the treats adds additional coziness to our kitchen.

I hope you enjoyed the ways I love to add cozy ambiance to our cottage home! What are you doing to create a seasonal ambiance in your home this Fall?



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